The Three Little Pigs Build a Better House

The three little pigs need new homes but aren’t sure if they can trust their architect, B. B. Wolfe, who might have ulterior motives. “Straw?” asks the first pig. “Excellent insulation,” says the wolf. “Sticks?” says the second. “Built-in ventilation,” replies the architect. “I’m using bricks!” says the third pig.” “Bricks are so old fashioned,” says the wolf. “So boring. So . . . solid.”

The Three Little Pigs

A house made out of pretzel sticks?
Crabgrass Puppet Theatre’s innovative retelling of “The Three Little Pigs” is performed on a two-level stage. On the “downstairs” level, the Big Bad Wolf is a masked actor who talks with the audience about how hard it is for a wolf to get ahead in today's world. Overhead, the wolf is a puppet who is always losing his battle of wits with the three smart pigs.

This funny and imaginative production of "The Three Little Pigs Build a Better House" is a feast of visuals and sound, with a stunning stage, beautiful puppets, clever little pigs, an endearing but not-too-bright wolf, and a delightful musical score.
Bricks are the answer!
    "We loved the show!"
  • . . . audience member, Moorestown Library, Moorestown, NJ

RECOMMENDED AUDIENCE: pre-K to 4th grade and family audiences
STAGE SIZE: Minimum 12' wide / 8' deep/ 8 1/2' ceiling height

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